By - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self proclaimed blog!

Today is the D-day that will determine whether or not that “prominent” politician will have to defend himself on that acquisition or will be acquitted from it.

As always they, people on the other side will try to figure out all sorts of conspiracy and will try to convince the public with their story. I wouldn’t want to divulge much on that politician as I felt that it’s not worth the space on my blog to write on him, since he has a battery of supporters and sympathizers behind him (and I was making a reference on supporting him and not the other way round, if you know what I meant!)

And from the reports by my fellow bloggers as stated here, here and here, the judge had came up with a conclusion that the accuser has to defend himself.

And as usual, scorn of his undying supporters has started disseminating all sorts of paranoia in reference to the so called conspiracy to topple that fellow. Conspiracy in Malaysia? Tell me about it! How do you expect to plan or connive a conspiracy in Malaysia when asking people to keep a simple secret is not that easy to keep a secret let alone to hide any secrets from people around us?

I hope to see more of the so called conspiracy submitted by the accuser within this week. On another note, Malaysian script writers can learn a thing or two from the accuser, judging from the version of his stories on which he was a victim of a devilish plot carried out by the same people who were with him when he was still in the Government not long ago!

Good luck Mr Accuser, and may God be with you. One thing I left out, I really hope you are good in maneuvering the boat as it sail through the bumpy Bamboo River!

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faznee pengecot berkata…
mat poyo blogging..kah kah kah kah..ngarut je de konspi2 de..ko tu je yg eksyen de..

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