by - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self proclaimed blog!

Of late most of the blogs that I visited to, both the pro Government and the Opposition ones are keen to publish or write their personal analysis and opinion on the recent video exposure by Datuk T (to those who have been following the news, chances are likely they will know the true identity of that character!) and have been coming up with all sorts of theories prior to the video.

Between these two groups, they did raise some doubt on the authenticity of it, while the rest are likely to believe that the person captured on the video is the Opposition leader.

As a blogger who likes to write on trivial matters (It’s a sarcasm remark, mind you!), I am not keen to ponder myself thinking about the video or exert my creative thinking (as if I have one, Jose!) writing on it.

As always, I would leave it to the other BN pro-bloggers, namely papagomo, kickdefella, another brick in the wall (an interesting analysis has been made on the Dato' T issue, Jose!bigdotdcom, outsyedthebox and the like to dwell with it. I wouldn’t want to provide even an inch in my blog with sensationalized news as I believed that we already have a lot of it in other blogs as well.

One thing, which I would like to share with is the fact that our so called Generation Y (refers to those who are born during the 80’s or 90’s onwards) enjoy eating food that are unhealthy and low in nutrition.

The main factor that contributes to this scenario is the vast number of fast food chain of restaurants, modernized kopitiam shops and the mamak eatery  offering free wi-fi or broadband services.

Most of them, who have make those places as their favorite haunt are either schoolchildren or college students as it gave them easy access to the world without boundary i.e the internet.

As they happily browsing the internet and spend unnecessary time chatting with friends (it is really unnecessary for college students to stay up all night long!) from night to dawn, they tend to order hordes of drinks and foods, unaware of the number of calories or cholesterol built from the huge consumption throughout that night!

It is no surprise to see a number of youngsters nowadays with big tummy and looked rather unhealthy or fit, thanks to the fast food restaurant and the mamak and kopitiam restaurant!

The restaurateur, as part of a marketing strategy to boon their businesses provide these extra service to drawn customers and it is obvious they can’t solely be blamed for it. They have studied the current trend; where apart from eating, patrons often go to such places due to the internet service or to watch live football matches.

I believe this quandary can be solved once the Government has managed to provide full coverage of free Wifi services all over Malaysia. 

Then again, another problem might arise from this. With the advance of the technology any Tom, Dick and Harry can have full access to any websites (I’m referring to pornography websites, alas that’s the nature of mankind, Jose!) and this can even become quite a handy job for the authorities to monitor it.

Even then the pornography website, with or without the availability of full wifi coverage service in Malaysia, can still be accessible and this has led to the chicken and egg issue; do we have to compromise to the demands of modernization or to devour such challenge?

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