By - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this “frantic” blog!

I have broken my own personal record by not updating this self proclaimed blog for more than a month!

The last time I did it was in 2010; whilst working for one of the big giant conglomerate companies in Malaysia, where I did not update my blog for 2 weeks and the result? No one bothers or cared much about it!

Back to my personal point of view of which, I would want to touch on is the disturbing “Women Only” signage that has been appearing both on trains or buses in the city.

While it is a noble act taken by the transport companies to ensure the safety of women passengers and to ensure a “sexual harassment” free environment for them, it is also quite disturbing to know that this effort could lead to more misunderstanding among us.

Before I continue further with my point of view, allow me to state my opinion here that I am not taking any political side nor is an ally with any political parties or trying to position myself both as a progressive writer and a liberal thinker. Not at all, but just a regular “wannabe” blogger who love to write and express my opinion, as and when is necessary!

I am not quite sure whether the “Women Only” public facilities has been implemented in other states under Barisan Nasional  but obviously, the initiative take by the public transportation companies here in Kuala Lumpur have in away successfully emulated the step taken by the Kelantan state government, under the PAS administration for more than 20 years.

Not that I am against with any effort in creating a more peaceful and safety well being for everyone but sometimes actions does not speak louder than words!

I wouldn’t want to imagine how the situation would be if later a politician who wish to gain a political mileage in championing the rights of the rakyat, would cleverly suggests that the gender segregation be carried out in all cinemaplex outlets, the entertainment parks, cafeterias so on so forth!

Again, I wish not to create a stir in the cup but what would happen is that the tolerance and both the mutual and virtual understanding that all of us have been enjoying all this while would only disintegrate and farther away the race gap between us.

The general masses i.e – the public must first understand the element of respect between each other and to educate them on how to behave like one. Religious and moral educations are the most important element in that and to do so the Government must also put a lot of effort in achieving the target of creating a better society here in Malaysia.

There is no point of gender segregation as women are temporarily safe onboard but once they have disembark they are likely be exposed to the same threat outside.

The issue now is not about trying to avoid them from being fondled on trains or buses but to create a comfortable environment for everyone.

As I have mentioned earlier, the most important thing is to educate each one of us the importance of being a good citizen. I doubt all of us are free from committing sins but at least we have tried our best through realizing the moral border. I always believe morality comes first after religion as sometimes immoral people tend to use the religious course for their personal interest!

That is the noblest thing to do than to put up the “Women Only” signages!

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