By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self proclaimed blog!

We often heard how the American originated Africans (Barack Hussien Obama, JR or SR) are being insulted with all sort of funny names in the US and most of the insults are sometimes filled with racism and derogatory remarks.

Name calling such as nigger and faggots are not something new to them. More often than not, most of the cases would resort to street brawling and the “black brothers” would sometimes being beaten to death as they have always be outnumbered by the “homies” or the white people!

The African Americans, blacks or “niggers” (No offence, Denzel Washington!) who were taken from the African continent and were brought into the US as slaves have always been seen as the 3rd class citizen or slaves during the Civil War until Abraham Lincoln, who became the 16th US President decided to abolished slavery.

The whole scenario in Malaysia, in regards to the “black brothers” is totally unique and different. Most of them “were brought” in to our country either as a student or tourist, are considered very lucky compared to their ancestors who were seen as the “white men’s burden” in some parts of the European countries.

The new X, Y and Z generation of the African origin, who has found their place here in Malaysia, have been doing lots of both legal and illegal activities to support their stay here. Thanks to these fellow Africans, we have now aware and exposed to the Black Money Syndicate and many other crimes!

All of these leads to a number of immoral decadence that have brought a disgrace to fellow distinguished fellow Africans such as the present half baked African American President, Barack Obama, former African President Nelson Mandela, Allahyarham Malcom X, the late Dr Martin Luther King or even George Clinton (he’s not related to that Clinton!) the lead singer for the funk group George Clinton and the Funkadelic!

The report here shows how serious the crime rate in Malaysia involving these foreigners. The local authorities must be brave enough to put their feet on the ground and give full attention in monitoring the Awang Hitam fella.

Perhaps it is about time the Government must reconsider its policy in bringing more students from the African continent to achieve the target in turning Malaysia as the higher education hub of this region. There must be a stringent vetting procedure that will see only the most qualified students are eligible to study here in our beloved country!

In line with the 1 Malaysia “People’s First, Performance Now” philosophy, the Government must also take into consideration the feeling and well being of the rakyat. We have heard a number of bad cases involving foreign students with the locals and how their impish behavior has raised fear among us. I am concerned that people might take the matter in their own hands, should the Government failed to address and respond to this matter urgently. Patient has its own limit.

Kita Kan Tersesat Pabila Malam Menjemput Bulan Semula Ke Sangkar Waktu – The Salam Connection.


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