By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self pitiful blog!

The title above is actually a poor attempted humor by me on which it was originally taken from the word sangka or expect!

It has been a week of callous defeat for Barisan Nasional and for Malaysians generally!

The National Front a.k.a Barisan Nasional has lost its seat in the recent by election, held in Kuching, Sarawak. This is a major setback for BN as it was the first time they lost in Sarawak by election since their formation in 1974.

Our badminton national team had lost to China in the Thomas Cup tournament. To add salt to the wound, it happened on our own soil.

Whilst the latter lost was an expected one, especially when the Japanese team had successfully beaten our team to top the Group B spot in the tournament, the National Front had lost a seat which was considered a traditional seat for them and this was indeed an unexpected one!

In reality, BN can no longer enjoy the comfortable position they have been enjoying all this while in Sarawak, for that matter in Sabah as well!

The Prime Minister himself might have taken aback by the defeat in Sarawak, especially when he once claimed that both Sabah and Sarawak are BN’s “fixed deposit”. It was an unpleasant moment for him as he had to sit through and watched two humiliating defeat; the national badminton team being thrashed out to China in home ground and BN’s crush to DAP by a slim majority in Sarawak.

There are plenty of rooms and spaces for BN to win back the hearts and minds of Sarawakians, especially in identifying and determining major issues that causes them to desert them. Why is it, after so many years, the Chinese decided to reject BN?

Even during the political turmoil that had taken place during the 10th General Election where BN almost lost to the then Alternative Front (AF), it was the vote from the non Malays who had saved BN from being humiliated by the AF!

I quote a sentence from a poem written by the fourth Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad; “What went wrong?

I am neither a political analyst nor an expert in presenting economic analysis. But as a humble bystander, I believed that the politics of hate, installed by certain groups of people about the Government has slowly begun to bear fruit!

It might be a good moment for the Prime Minister and his cohorts to dwell with and to identify major issues that need prudent attention from the Government! Or perhaps the economic sluggish were one of the issues contributed to these trends of Chinese voting against the BN.

In order to boost the economy, more opportunities should be given to the non Malays with a hope that they will be able to accelerate back the economy performances.

Having said this, we must ensure that all are not lost to the Bumiputera if more rooms are given to the non Malays to exceed in their businesses.

By saying the statement above, some may find me a racist lot but for me, I stand to my words.

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