By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this low esteem blog!

I have always enjoyed watching classical movies. Having said that, I wouldn’t go too far and declared myself a huge fan of Charleston Heston (though I enjoyed watching his acting in Planet of the Apes and the Tenth Commandments) or Clark Gable!

My favourite classical movies are basically the ones released during the late 60’s and 70’s. The late 60’s and the 70’s were considered by some as the era of development that help to create the popular culture. A lot of basic foundation for the present culture was molded from this timeline.

Anyway, more often than not I would go and visit the illegal DVD shops (let us all be honest for once and admit that we will never find the rare or interesting movies sold at the mainstream shops!) to look for the rare movies and have always been left frustrated with the result of my finding.

There are hardly any shops that have a catalogue of rare and classical movies sold in their place!

It is frustrating when the owner gave me a blank stare when I asked him movies such as American Graffiti (among the first movie directed by George Lucas and one of the earlier movies by Harrison Ford), Badlands (Charlie Sheen played the anti hero character for this one!), The Night of The Living Dead (the original version directed by the legendary zombie movie maker George Romero!), The Shootist, The Conversation and many more.

They sometimes can't even tell the difference between the title of a movie with the title of a game for the X-Box or PS3!

There have been quite a number of intellectual debates in Malaysia to determine whether movies are made merely for entertainment or with intellectual purposes. It is quite frustrating when there are Malaysians who still perceive that the movie making industry is something that can derive easy profit (or money making, Jose!) and have left out the esthetical value of art or whatever left in it!

A lot of hype has been said on 2 Alam, the first movie produced by DR Movie Production. I dared not said much about it. First of all I hardly know what the movie is all about as the synopsis and plot are very sketchy.

Secondly, I am worried that the so called Fenomena DR Rozmey might wash me off from the popular culture!

I kind of dislike with the way of promotion been potrayed in the media for that movie. It is merely an act of cheap publicity! We hardly even know how well the movie is under the helm of two unknown directors, Hairie Othman and Ed Zarith Z. Lokman. The former was known for his below average acting whilst the latter is the son of the famous director who can make movie just by a blink of an eye!

We need to be realistic sometimes and to study first the social needs. The producer has already made a mockery of himself when he decided to set upon his target of collecting RM12 million from the movie. It is quite intricate to reach the kind of collection with the present economic situation (people rather spend RM11 for a plate of rice) and the producer may need more than 2 Alam to achieve it!

Otherwise, the film will in the end find its fate on the same league with all of the failed movies ever made or produced in Malaysia.

The movie making industry is not only about making profit or gain popularity. It is a visual recorded document that will be viewed and carefully studied by future generation.

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