By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to my fellow bloggers and Bacalah readers.
If any of my blog readers (How I wish there were!) had read the latest posting by Datuk Kadir Jasin in his blog The Scribe, you might have noticed the latest title in one of his writings that touches the issue on bribery. "Khinzirkan" Rasuah Untuk Perkuat Melayu”, which is very bold and strident, has managed to hit a nail on the head, depending on which head did we nailed on. It is an unquestionable truth that all Muslims have accepted the fact that consuming pork is haram for them; however, there are still those who had also forgotten that corruption is as haram as consuming pork! And, I cannot discount the fact that what Uncle Kadir had written on the subject is as hard as a brickbat!

For those who are too concern in avoiding haram things and are worried on whether they are buying products which are either produced or manufactured by the Israelis, they have to also remind themselves about how dangerous the culture of corruption for the general public.
We cannot afford to be closing one eye on matters pertaining to this filthy habit. Nevertheless, it is still not too late for us to take actions and to prevail it from cultivating in our generation and being accepted as part of our culture.

The ulama must also play a very important role in educating Muslims on the repercussions of corruption for the society. In short, they must try to find other ways of delivering the same and lame lectures and to avoid from replicating the same subject, again and again.
Then again, even some within the quarters of the ulama, could not distance themselves from corruption.

We must also realized (Yes, Jose. There are human beings as well!) That corruption comes not only in the context of wealth, money or power but also in a form of preaching.
Some of the ulamak may have either noticed or being totally in denial or, are aware that they preach things which are not in the context of the Quran or Sunnah, but have deteriorate it due to their own interest. This is where we can see a lot of teaching that is contradicted with the true teaching of Islam. I believe it is about time we need to uphold the true teaching of Islam and to dig out new facts which either had been left out or have been ignored for such a long time.

To begin with, we need to focus on the importance of combating corruption, rather than participating in rallies, as a way to voiced out our hatred against the so called Israeli product!

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