By – Hesmel Faznee Ahmad Faisal

Currently, everybody is talking about the most prominent college in the world; The Oxford and Cambridge College. Even the most common person in the street, from Jalan Tunku Bendahara, Kulim Kedah, up to Glomac Business Centre, Kelana Jaya Selangor talks about it. Obviously everybody is wondering, whose places I had mentioned earlier, but just let me share some points about it. The first one is where I come from (actually, tang Jalan Tunku Bendahara tu rumah aku daa….) and the later is where my office is located (I will not disclose where exactly my office is, for the sake of my safety – selalu sangat kutuk Kerajaan, kang tak pasal penulis masuk I.S.A!)

Before I continue with the article, I wish to ponder about the history of the Oxford and Cambridge College or University (sometimes I wonder why the Americans always refer University as College). The University of Cambridge (often called Cambridge University, or just Cambridge), located in Cambridge, England, is the second-oldest university in the English-speaking world. Early records indicate that the university grew out of an association of scholars in the city of Cambridge, probably formed in 1209 by scholars escaping from Oxford after a fight with local townsmen.The universities of Cambridge and Oxford are jointly referred to by the portmanteau term Oxbridge. In addition to cultural and practical associations as a historic part of British society, the two universities also have a long history of rivalry with each other.

Let us leave the rivalry between these two extinguish colleges and let’s discuss about the relevance of the university with our society. To begin with, there is a connection between it with our society. A very young man, who was a graduate from the univesity is controlling our society. It is as simple as that. Without our knowledge (directly or indirectly) he makes all the important decisions that should have been made by a certain quarters in our administration (especially the Prime Minister!). But Pak Lah a.k.a Perdana Menteri a.k.a pegawai kerajaan has made the biggest slip-up, when he decides to give all decision to be made by this young chap.

For example the now controversial jambatan bengkok that has been cancelled without any concrete reason by the Government (or by the hidden hands behind the Prime Minister?). Some said the decision was been made under the influence of the Oxford boy. But why he wants to influence the Prime Minister a.k.a Perdana Menteri a.k.a pegawai kerajaan to cancel the project? It has been proven that the jambatan bengkok will bring successful profit to our country and of course to Johor! But why in out of a sudden they decided to cancel the project? (if they decided to postpone the project, we can at least hope for Najib to continue it after he presume the post as Prime Minister!)

As I have mentioned earlier, I sounded too premature to talk about Najib being the 6th Prime Minister and if I have to admit, I do have some pessimistic thoughts about him being in that post. This is because he too has his own “skeleton in the closet” (bak kata orang Melayu, jerangkung dalam almari dan ini tiada kena mengena dengan album Wings tu la, Jóse!) and I feel abit worried about how he’s going to run the Government. He did managed badly during his tenure as a minister in the Ministry of Education, giving unneccesary licenses to operate private collages and how our education system being mixed up by his policy.

I think my criticism on the Government and the Prime Minister is not personally directed to him but to the hands behind him. He is trying his best to run the government and to run the government is not an easy thing to do. Pak Lah a.k.a Perdana Menteri a.k.a pegawai kerajaan, don’t run away from your problems. That is the first thing you should really need to avoid. For example, when Tun demands anwsers for the A.P, crooked bridge and Proton mismanagement controversy, all you have to do is just stand up, give him the necessary answer and every thing will be back to normal. Don't let the hands behind you prolonging the issue for their own personal vendetta or personal interest.

It is as simple as that. More importantly, don’t let the hands behind you controls every movement or decisions you take. It will give back impression to the public. Everybody knows that the Oxford graduate is controlling you.

For the Malays, this is my advice. Stop being a kaki bodek, kaki ampu and kaki kipas. Remember, Malacca was conquered because of the said elements. Many of these kaki ampu, kaki bodek and kaki kipas were trying to get their hands on the Bendahara. We don’t want history to be repeated again.

I may sounded naïve and inexperienced, but for me, there is always a starting point for a person to start learning from something. And the starting point has already started.

Kita kan tersesat pabila malam menjemput bulan semula ke sangkar waktu – The Salam Connection.


Tanpa Nama berkata…
Agree with you...
Too much of Oxford and Cambridge run the GLCs.

Are they so terror? or they are actually a terrorist a.k.a silent killer which will ruin the our beloved Country?
Eugenist berkata…
Thanks for the comment by Anonymous. But I really wish if after this all the anonymous' will leave their names. Don't worry about the Oxfordian boys..They obviously can't control the internet..Thanks..
heheh....oxford and cambridge might have bigger impact on the system la mel...unlike pak lah, aku rasa that oxford guy is "smart" in his role? ke that fella yg cucuk pak lah..... hg ni suke sukeeeeee jek!

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