Kalau berfikir menggunakan akal, sudah pasti ia akan mencernakan minda. Jika berfikir menggunakan nafsu, akan bisa terlajak perkara yang tiada kepastian.

Recently I watched Akademi Khayalan (A.K) and to my astonishment it was totally different from the antecedent A.K shows indeed. As the new principal for A.K Mark IV, Ramli Sarip has managed to grapple a new revelation in the most anticipated TV reality show in our history of Malaysian entertainment. All 12 students or participants of the program were given Tan Sri P. Ramlee’s song to sing for their next concert.

If we were to compare all previous A.K shows, most of the students are given effortless songs or familiar songs for them to digest at. Especially during the first week of the show. But to imagine the new A.K partipants (I refused to refer them as students because what can they learn in 10 weeks?!) have to sing evergreen songs for the first week of the show, it is surely worth your cent to vote for them! This is where we can see whether they are truly capable in carrying the song given or they are just there for the sake of fame and fortune.

Papa Ramli is without doubt, a man on his own word. He had promised to viewers he will try to change the concept of A.K and he did it! He has made the participants taste how hell freezes over!

Back to reality. There were some interesting issues raised in the media recently. The most interesting part is, Mickey Mouse will be in town..And no! He’s not planning to be here just for a weekend trip but he is planning to settle down in Johore Baru!
According to the Star Online, Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Badawi gave a green light on the proposal of setting up a Disneyland theme park which is similar to the ones in Florida and Tokyo.

I think it will definitely be a good idea for us to have a theme park in JB especially with the Singaporeans who kept on coming to JB and buy our things (I sounded so emotional on this part!) Imagine millions of Singapore dollar flushing in to our country once the theme park has been build in JB. And imagine all Singaporeans flocking in to our own Disneyland (poor Singapore, they don’t have any space left to build a new theme park, besides the current Sentosa Island which is already musty!)

For Johorean, this is the best gift by the Prime Minister after the cancellation of the New Crossway bridge project. Well, at least the Johore State Government can now look forward in creating new projects in JB and can give benefits to Malaysians.. Pak Lah is truly a clever politician (and not a dumb politician indeed!) after he had upset many with the termination of the Crossway project and the controversial oil increase he had gave a better present for Malaysians to look forward to, in the shape of Johore Bahru Disneyland!

I really hope the project will become a reality as many people are looking forward to feel what Disneyland theme park is all about. What worries me is how much the entrance fee for it? This is another subject which we must study thoroughly. We don’t want the theme park built specially just to attract the Singaporeans. But it is also for Malaysians to share and to feel the joy of going on the ride and take pictures with Mickey Mouse and his cohorts.

Besides the issue of building a Disneyland theme park in JB, there were some interesting issues going around in the local paper. NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) has shown its support to Iran in building the nuclear programme for peace.

The NAM movement has also agreed to help the Palestinian in funds for the development of the country. This year will mark the final year for Malaysia to chair and head the movement. Cuba will carry on the baton after September and it will surely be an interesting subject to discuss with. At the same time, the Americans will definitely keep on the normal pressure to Cuba.

But the most important priority is to finalised the conflict between Israel and Palestine, which has been going on for ages! We really hope, under Cuban President Fidel Castro, the issues will be resolved and we can see the light for a better life for both countries, Israel and Palestine.

Back to Malaysia..I really hope Papa Rock, Ramli Sarip will inject some quality music for the A.K participants to ponder at. Enough is enough for us to take and to swallow another wannabe artiste, in the shape of Nana A.F1 (again, I don’t have any grudge on the petite deejay) and others. Good luck for the new A.F 4 participants. May the Force be with you!

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