by - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self indulgence blog!

Of late, there have been a lot of things been written, in regards to the missing item owned by one political leader. You can either read it in the mainstream news, blogs and twitter or watch it on youtube (I won’t link the said video here as the clip has become an outdated item!).

I am not too concern about where the leader had misplaced it or whether the item is with him or not but I can’t help to wonder why he got upset and starts losing cannon when a petite reporter (a former colleague of mine, when I was in Media Prime) during a press conference held in Kuching recently, asked the leader about the whereabouts of the missing item. 

As an oratorical leader he is, this leader can just simply tell the reporter nicely that he wouldn’t want to indulge much on that matter as it is now under the police investigation and let the police do their investigation, rather than losing his temper. Because of that, he has become a victim of mockery amongst the band of bloggers!

As a person who once hold the highest position in this country, thus exposing him to all sorts of questions by media and the like, it is quite a surprise to see this leader became hostile when confronted by a small fry reporter (No offence Nik Suriani!) from TV3.

A reporter’s job is to seek answer and in order for them to do so they are willing to do anything at all cost, even provoking a person with numerous questions if they have to.

This leader should know better about methods used by reporters, journalist and the like in seeking answers. This leader used the same method too (through his band of proxies in the Government controlled media!), when he was lingering in the Corridors of Power and was running for the post of UMNO Deputy President.

The damage has been done Mr Politican. Let us leave this matter to the authorities and let them do their investigation to find and identify who is the real owner of the watch handed over to them by the Datuk trios. My advice is simple uncle Politician, jangan marah-marah nanti kena jual!

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