By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self-proclaimed blog!

The intellects are known for their mind boggling quotes.

Martin Luther King, Jr (to those who did not learn history, read more about him here) for instance, quoted; “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

True to its word, all of us are a product of history. Thus, we now could perfectly understand why most of us are likely to repeat mistakes, again and again. The reason is simple; we did not learn anything from the past!

The Government through the National Archive has at last decided to set up a memorial to pay tribute to MCA founder and one of the political figures who fought for our Independence, the late Tun Tan Cheng Lock.

There is however, another flip of the coin. I presume the decision was made only when his families have made the decision to hand out all of his personal documents to a foreign institution.

The fact that the Minister, who is in charge for the Ministry responsible in safe keeping our entire historical treasure can only whine and said something that portray him as a sore loser is something we should look at.

There is no good for him to keep on whining. What he should  be doing now is to lead his Ministry into planning of ways on how to reclaim back other precious historical documents that are now under the hands of people in foreign lands.

If everyone could still remember, we lost our claim for the sovereignty of the White Rock Island (Or Pulau Batu Putih Jose!) to Singapore in the International Court when the Singapore government presented to the court an old documentation signed by the then Sultan of Johore with the British government to say that His Majesty will not or any words to that effect claim the rights of the tiny island!

Someone with a rightful mind would agree with my argument that the pride of our country is slowly depriving if we keep on losing all of the important documents that records important moments of this country!

Does anyone in the Ministry ever realize how important Cheng Lock’s document is for the Government?

Can’t they for once use their creative thinking and start wandering what if, what if some of the documents contain important facts that can later be use to make more claim and demands by Singapore?

I have nothing against Singapore or the people there except that I’m quite disturbed with the laissez faire attitude of Malaysians towards history!

It is said that original copies of precious agreement, such as the Pangkor Treaty and many more are tucked safely in foreign historical institution located in the UK and other places.

Imagine all of this can be done just by accessing those documents, should they decided to make more claims on our sovereignty (If you know who I was referring to, Jose!).

There might be interesting facts and figures written by Tun Tan Cheng Lock on our country. And now all of these have fallen under the hands of Singaporean intellects who would love to do a microscopic research about us. Though Singapore was once part of Malaysia, they have long been considered as foreigners no matter what.

Are we willing to see foreigners do research and find out important facts about Malaysia and later use it against us?

I rest my case..

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