By - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this self pitiful blog!

My office had organized a farewell party to one of our colleague recently. First of all, let me describe to you the race composition in my office. I believe it does reflect the true notion of 1 Malaysia!

For instance, the CEO who leads the company and the administrative executives are Malays; the General Managers and an “army” of the sales executives are Chinese and the person in-charge for the Project, Development and Administration are Indians. Allow me to give you a brief story of our core business. Firstly, we are among the advertising companies in Malaysia and if you happen to drive on the PLUS Highway stretching across the north and south borders, you will able to notice our signage along the way!

I for sure am not going to delve much in our business background but would like to share what had taken place during the party. As a new staff, I don’t know how close this former colleague of mine were with the rest of the staffs, but am pretty sure he was well loved by everyone as they hugged him and exchange kisses (mind you!) on cheek!

The male and female Malay staffs was also seen giving him warm hugs; as if they’re going to lose one of their own family members who are about to embark on a journey of no return (forgive me for the hypothetical nonsense, Jose!!) This particular incident does reflect the close knit relationship that exists between Malays and non Malays.

For me, it is very important for us not to set a barricade of doubt around us. When rights are concerned, one must always remember that each one of us must respect the rights of each one of us. Thus we must ensure that those rights are not being impure with negative remarks or be dubious on each other.

I am quite concerned with the campaign of hatred that is slowly digesting in our society. They are people who tend to question the agreement that has been sealed upon our forefathers and wants to reexamine it to suit with the current scenario.

By saying this, I am not suggesting that they are not allowed to stand up and seek their rights but understand the true context of the agreement. They must try to accommodate with the agreement for the sake of the unity that we have been enjoying all this while.

We must know how to tell the difference between fighting for a noble cause or to use is as an excuse to gain a personal political mileage.

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