I remember during my “heydays” as a USM (Some said the USM acronym stands for Universiti Sayang Menyayangi!) student, we attended a one day BTN course and luckily for me, the event was held within the USM vicinity. There are some cases when students were "transported" to the BTN camps located in one “hutan banang” (isolated places) and had to stay there for a couple of days.

The facilitator for the course I attended to was the then Deputy Minister of Education, Prof Mahadzir Mohd Khir and during his session among the topics touched was the struggle by our forefathers in achieving independence. I hardly remembered him telling us about the Malays as the supremacy of this country.

One thing that I can remember vividly is when the Minister was telling us how important  it was for Malaysians to unite as one. All and all we must defend Malaysia from any threat, be it foreign or domestic, said the former Deputy Minister.

I am quite puzzled as to why the present Selangor state government had imposed a ban on students who are sponsored by the state government and their civil servants from attending any of BTN organized courses (read here).

According to one Senior Minister, BTN courses were introduced to boost the confidence of Malays who suffered from inferiority complex. Call me naïve if you have to but why all of a sudden the Government have decided to revamp courses offered by BTN? (read here)

Have the students, after all these years been misled by the previous syllabus? 

Why the decision to restructure the syllabus is made only when the Selangor state government have voiced out the matter above? Were there any discrepancies as claimed by the Selangor state government existed in the course?

If there was any “pessimistic impression towards non Malays” session conducted during the training, I would be the first person to support the restructuring as I am against the concept of sowing hatred towards others!

One thing I must add is that Opposition leader cum former Deputy Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had his share in BTN (he was the main person behind it when he was in power!).

It was an open secret the Opposition Leader, while he was a member of  the Government was using BTN for his own personal purposes, especially during the height of the “epic” struggle to overthrown former Deputy Prime Minister, Tun Ghafar Baba. As a matter of fact, Datuk Hassan Ali, the current Selangor exco member was also the BTN Deputy Director.

Both of them must answer to the rakyat first before the decision to ban is made officially. My first question for them is, is it true the BTN has been misused by the Opposition Leader when he was in the Government?

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