by - Hesmel Faznee Faisal
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A lot of things have passed under the clear blue sky since this writer took his long break after the fall in his office recently. Not much to say or tell of the incident except that according to the specialist who treated him, a sign of stress was the main contribution to it.

Let us go back to our main story. Based on the writer’s brief flipping through the newspaper, be it online or hardline (ie. the traditional media, Jose!) there were some interesting political and religion based stories but for him, the main issues raised within the context of the two subjects are more dominant and important.

Among them were the annual UMNO general meeting that was held a couple of weeks ago which saw the passing of the resolution to allow more UMNO members to vote for their leader. There was also the 2010 Budget presentation by Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Razak which according to some, was a pre-General Election oriented budget.

But obviously, one thing that had really caught this writer's attention was the standing praying mat incident. (read here)

Some Muslims strongly felt that this was an act of God.

This writer holds nothing against it. However, he believes that this was just a man made incident and was intentionally done to create a panic condition among us.

For this writer, God would never reveal His power to his servant merely by raising up the praying mat, should He wants us to repent. The standing praying mat incident was indeed a despicable act by some quarters of the irresponsible Muslims to belittle God’s ability and the faith of other Muslims as well.

We must never forget that some of the Muslim scholars received highly respect among the Westerners. For instance, Ibn Rushd (or Averroes) made remarkable contributions in philosophy, logic, medicine, music and jurisprudence.

The area of logical thinking has been a preventable topic, within the context of the disciplinary thinking among Muslims. There are indeed, a number of Islamic scholars whose areas of speciality were that of logical thinking and philosophy but the question that Muslims should ask themselves is why they tend to regress when they should be progressing and compete with others?

Even a local liberal Muslim scholar had denied and discarded such claims to link the incident as an act of God. (read here)

Again, this writer is not trying to discard or to deny the miracles of God but for him God would never reveal His revelation just by simply raising an object nor objects.

We should look around and realized that God has given many to us, but we neither gave back in return by being kind to others. We wretchedly tend to show our selfishness and have been comfortably living a life of a hermit.

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