By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to my fellow bloggers and bacalah readers.

The title for this writing may sounded a bit self esteem. However, the fact is that it is not that easy to write in such manner and more often than not it sometimes became more complicated if a writer has a self-censorship feeling towards his own writing.

He will always have a tendency to feel insecure towards his own work, thus will efficiently affect his writing skills. Not to forget the common writer's block (not blog, Jose!) syndrome, a common “disease” suffered by writers as well as the "my knowledge is not that wide, thus I won't be able to write good stuffs" syndrome.

For this writer, he's far than having those symptoms. Except on a certain juncture, he sometimes feels that there is nothing worth to write or to share with the reader or readers of this self proclaim blog!

Nevertheless, the most difficult part for him is to elucidate with his inner self whether to continue writing on the subject he likes most (Go figure, Jose!) or things that will entice the reader or readers of his blog.

When such thing happens, it is important for a writer to cleverly identify matters that are of worth mentioning in his blog or, to see it ending up like just another common story with a fictional plot to spice his writing. Whatever it may be, a blog is something that is very exclusive. In a way, a blogger need not have to apply for a publishing licence to operate his blog (Jose, it depends on whether the Government still want to make it compulsory for a blogger to register!).

Apart from that, a blogger is seen more or less as part of the communication tools for the masses. They are the ones who are responsible in disseminating stories to the public. That is why a person who wishes to become a blogger must think what kind of a blogger he is as it is very important for him to take full responsibility on all the writings he has posted in the internet.

For this writer, he personally thinks that blogging is not just about spreading rumours, sharing information with other readers/blogger or even a place to place their thoughts etc, but is part of the new communication tool that is very useful and important to the community. He also believes that blog will soon become the 5th estate and will initially replace the now obsolete printed media.

With the vast expanding technology that we had seen lately, news can be spread even faster than a brisk of air. Even with the new emergence of technology such as twitter (http://twitter.com/), one can easily feed the latest news update to the internet via the mobile phone.

Hence, even any Mr Lim, Kumar and Ahmad can become a stringer with the advance of the new media technology. It is not a surprise when in the near future everyone would initially end up becoming a stringer cum unofficial reporter.

The time will come when the mainstream media (in other words, the traditional media) would slowly and gradually lose their news credibility, after which the society chose to have their full conviction on the alternative media, rather than the latter.

This shows how strong and important new media is for the general public. Be careful with what’s been written and take full responsibility on things that has been said.

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