By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Of late, some Malaysians (Jose, notice the usage of the word ‘some’ instead of ‘all’!) are waiting anxiously to see Deputy Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak, taking over the mantle from Abdullah Badawi, the current Prime Minister and becomes Malaysia’s 6th Prime Minister.

To spoil the excitement, a report that states Najib’s indirect involvement with the Altantuya murder case (Jose, one of the suspects involved in the murder case was Najib’s bodyguard!) has been circling in the internet (Go and check it out, Jose!), which can see his dream of becoming the Premier, dash into pieces.

Only time will tell and how far truth will prevail but we, as Malaysians can only hope that he will become a Prime Minister for all and will not be depending on slogans nor trying to reach out to us with a number of dreams, as we had seen in the previous administration.

Not to say that he is not a competent Prime Minister, as he has been in the political arena since he was 21! As a normal citizen, I do hope that he will be a better one, compared to what we have been facing through for the last 6 years! I’m not in a position to patronize his leadership but as a concern citizen, I really hope that he would be able to cope up with the pressure as there is a lot that needs to be done in order to be able to clamour back the glorious Malaysia into the map of the world.

Some may have been ignorant or did not have the access to the internet to see the photo of Pak Lah having lunch with Anwar Ibrahim, the former Deputy Prime Minister and currently the Opposition Leader. The photo has been published in Anwars’ blog as well as in the blogs of the pro opposition group (Jose, I'm not in the pro opposition nor the pro government's group. I belong to the non partisan group!)

Malaysians, being typical Malaysians likes to sensationalize stories and had come up with all sorts of theories, pertaining to the photo. Some had even said that Pak Lah was telling Anwar that he did not have any sayings upon choosing Najib as the next Premier, when Anwar asked him why did Najib was chosen to replace him.

It is in material that such question arise in the first place but to be fair to both men, we should always see it as a good thing for us, (Anwar is still undeniably an influential person and is able to influence people to listen to his speeches) and that he has able to sit down and have lunch with Pak Lah, the outgoing Prime Minister.

This meeting is important for the sake of unity for the Malays and for this time, I will not criticize Pak Lah for having such meeting with Anwar. For the sake of unity of our race, we need to think beyond the horizon and not being held down, by the political of hatred among us.

I wish all the best and really hope that we will be able to unite under one leadership and face the economic downturn that has managed to cripple our economic stability.

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