By - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

It seems that the National Fatwa Council had been told to slow down their ignorance horses, prior to the self imposed decision to ban the practice of Yoga and have to wait for the green light from the Council of Rulers’ approval.

Perhaps I could say that the credibility of the NFC (National Fatwa Council, Jose!) has gone down the drain.

I wish to congratulate every one of them in the NFC for making fun at themselves. I also would like to remind them to be more careful when it comes to sensitive issues such as this.

I am anxious to know what is their next step and what would they do after all this things had eroded disgracefully.

I think the best thing for the Government to do is to ask the NFC to disband themselves and stop issuing all the nonsense and petty things and just carry on their lives.

There are more many important things in this life and it would be a waste if we are putting ourselves in a hostile situation.

I would like to repeat again that I never practise Yoga, or try to do all those flexy movements.

All I could say is that, Quo Vadis National Fatwa Council?

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Tanpa Nama berkata…
I would like to highlight to you is that,the ulama is not making fun of them selves . They are doing their job and duty as a Muslim. Before making any comment please understand and do a lot of reading not just by reading news paper and then you make a conclusion. The practice of yoga is not totally banned. As a muslim if you want to practice yoga as some sort of physical exercise that is fine. But if it is being influence by Hinduism practice or concept ,it is really against Islam. Even if you said that all people in NFC should focus on other big issues , this one also a big issues because it could lead Muslim to apostate. Now get your fact straight bro. Do a lot of reading first and research not just read NEWS PAPER
The Eugenist berkata…
Dear Anonymous (whoever you are).

Thank you. Try to understand the main point that I want to express.

I never said I support any Yoga practise that have strong elements of the Hindu or Buddhist element in it. All I said was the Ulama should never easily jump to conclusion.

I think Malaysian Muslims nowadays have the ability and know how to differentiate between the Islamic and the unIslamic ways of life (If you look at how the way most Muslim women dresses nowadays, with tudungs and such etc.).

I strongly hold to my argument that the NFC should go into more complicated issues and not just barking on petty issues such as this.

By saying this I'm not in a position of showing my disrespect to the NFC. It is just that they also must do thorough readings and look into a certain areas from different angles as well.

We have another 12-13 years before we reach the year 2020, where at that time Malaysia should become a fully developed country. Are Muslims fully prepared to face the new challenges ahead? --

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