By - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

The most nerve-racking thing for a person is when he is informed that he had been infected with an unknown disease.

Sometimes, a person would resolve to all sorts of ways to ensure he stays fit and healthy. However, we must also remember that it is God's will if a person falls sick, even though they had done many things in order to remain healthy.

I believe good health is the gem of life. It is pointless if you have millions of cash or even a mountain of pearls and gold or a house as big as the Seri Perdana Complex in your possession, if you are sick and lying helplessly on bed.

It is also very important for us to take care of our health. It is best to try and avoid consuming fast food or unhealthy food as it will help to fast forward the “call of death”.

I realize I do not have any qualification or the right to talk about health (Jose, please take note that I am really skilful when it comes to arts, theatre or any of the artful dodger). But I am aware on the importance of having good health and staying fit is the most important thing for an attentive person.

As usual, allow me to touch a bit on the scenario in our local politics and I believe, it relates to the issue of health generally. Somehow or rather the general public are saying that UMNO is not in good health. Hypothetically, it does in a very desecrating condition.

The virus of corruption has crawled inside UMNO for long time and it would be very difficult to remove the virus as it has grown into a cancerous disease. For former UMNO President, Tun Dr Mahathir, the best cure is to remove the infected part from the body or if we find it necessary, we might even chopped it off before it spreads into other body parts.

It is meaningless if the root of disease, that is greed and lust are still remaining intact in the party. UMNO members should reject those who practise money politics. The best solution for UMNO is to remove members who are involved in money politics from the party and if it is necessary, sack them or impose a ban on them from becoming actively again in UMNO, forever. Ban them from rejoining the party if they find it necessary, as what has been done to former UMNO Deputy President, Anwar Ibrahim who had involved in an unusual sexual intercourse and (Even though the Court had dismissed the case, nevertheless the judges who was involved in the hearing of the case still believed he did involved in the abnormal practise) was found guilty for it.

It is likely that UMNO will end up becoming an opposition party, if UMNO members are still actively involved in money politics. Even the political observers had predicted that it would take another one or two General Elections before UMNO became completely outmoded and past its prime time.

The members of the public has had enough with the politicking within UMNO and as the most senior political party in Barisan National, it should revamp itself and should good example to other parties in the front. As the oldest political party in Malaysia, UMNO must not let the party being self destroyed by some of its own members. They are using the party merely as a vehicle to gauge wealth for their own personal interest. UMNO members must always remember the main reason as to why the party existed in the first place.

In order to do that, UMNO must rejuvenate and party members must also try not to participate in any insignificant issues within the party. There must be a benchmark for the party if it wishes to remain dominant and relevant for the public, especially to the Malays.

The keris wielding chapter by UMNO Youth leader has managed to frighten away some voters who were loyal to the party. Even the “heroic act” by one of the UMNO leaders in Penang has created a furore in our society and lead to a misunderstanding between the other component parties within Barisan National.

As an UMNO “outsider” (Jose, I have been trying to officially register myself as an UMNO member but with no avail!), it is saddening to see the ongoing fight between UMNO members and also with other Barisan Nasional component parties. I believe it is time for them to stop the squabble and must mend out any misunderstanding between them.

It is hard to accept the fact that UMNO have become an opposition party in 5 states. If no effort is been taken to purge of corruption in the party, Barisan Nasional under the UMNO leadership will soon be playing the role of an opposition in the august house (Jose, what I’m trying to say is the opposition party in the Parliament!)!

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