by - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to my fellow bloggers and Bacalah readers (Jose, itupun kalau ada!)
Something struck in my mind, whilst writing this piece of so called article.

What will happen to the future of the Malays, as we reach the year 2020?

Do we still have the spirit of "Malaysia Boleh?" or worst still, the spirit of "Gemilang, Terbilang, Temberang, Erm…I mean Terbilang?"

Do UMNO members have commence their machinery of thoughts and start to wonder about the future of the party or are still in the state of denial, as what is claimed by Tun Dr Mahathir in his blog recently?

Most of them prefer to be in UMNO and remain as pak turut, even though they have realized the damage that has been done by Abdullah Badawi and dared not to voice out the concern for fear of being labeled as a rebel in the party?

Unfortunately, the damage is clearly been translated in the recent election where UMNO and the Barisan National party had failed to retain its 2/3 majority, which they have been enjoying for the last 50 years and so.

We have to look back and think about the direction and the future of the party. It is also important to note that what is the direction the party is going if, we still have a weak and an impotent person in the shape of Abdullah Badawi as a Prime Minister cum President of that party?

Do UMNO members have being programmed, only to obey the leaders and not to question their leader's ability to lead the party and the country? It is an absurd fact on which, we must really think carefully about it. Speaking of which, we have a Prime Minister who is so ignorant and is bloated with egotistical feeling in his head!

Sometimes, I wonder whether it is hypothetically correct to compare the current UMNO leaders with the character of the Terminator, from the movie Terminator series. Some of the UMNO politicians (Jose, sesetengah aje, bukan semua!) follows blindly on the orders instructed by their leaders.

I think, there is a character similarity between the Terminators and some UMNO politicians who, for the sake of their own political mileage will do anything to remain in power, even to the extend of tarnishing one's image, in the shape of their own former leader.

It is happening now, and I believe it will happen again soon, as this culture will remain intact in UMNO.

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