'There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold, and she's buying a stairway to heaven..”
If any of my Bacalah readers (Jose, you don't have any!! Try to live with it!) are familiar with the first verse of the above song, I congratulate you. If you're not, then it's ok but I would like to assure you what you have missed, if you are a self proclaimed “mat rocker” but don't have any idea what the lyric is all about or who sang that song! That is part of a sentence taken from the lyric, Stairway to Heaven; made famous by one of the most successful rock group in the century, Led Zeppelin (It may sounded exaggerating but the fact remains the same!).

Led Zeppelin first made its headline with the debut album Led Zeppelin I, where it contains one of the most memorable song in that era, Communication Breakdown, as well as other hit songs such as Dazed and Confused and my personal favorite, Black Mountain Side. Jimmy Page, the lead guitarist was reported as having secured a pact with the devil that resulted the overwhelming popularity for the group, remains as legendary as ever.

I bet many might wonder why I decided to write about the legendary rock group, Led Zeppelin for this new entry. I can give 2 if you like. First, I own this blog so I may write with whatever things or topics which I like to write (Tongue in the cheek, mind you Jose..!) and secondly I would like to give some example on how a group that comes from a country like Great Britain (It depends on how big or which country I would like to make that comparison with!) can conquered the world with their music and their mysticism that borrowed strongly from the East.

When they first entered the United States of America (with a sarcastic tune, mind me!) to promote the just released album Led Zeppelin I, the 4 blokes from Britain have never expected that their mind blowing music can turn and influenced the whole music atmosphere and culture during the early 70's into something different and bold. What I am about to say is that we could change if we really want to see changes happen. Led Zeppelin, which was strongly influenced by Asian musicians in the like of Ravi Shankar and Um Khaltoum had successfully created a new music phenomenon of the 70's with its East meets West formula.

Try and listen to songs such as Kashmir, Achilles Last Stand and I am sure you will agree with what I had said.

I wanted to write more about Led Zeppelin, but since I don't have the ample time to scribble and to write nonsense as usual, I shall stop here. For your information, this legendary group shall reunite for a special one time gig to be held on November 26, 2007. Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin lead vocalist, along with the other members of Led Zeppelin will reunite for one performance at London’s O2 Arena. The benefits concert is a tribute to the late Atlantic Records co founder Ahmet Ertegün and the man who actually founded history's most talented group in the history of rock.

How I wish I could participate in this one time history in the making (again!!!)

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