Can You Be My Galaxy Mate?

Let’s journey to the sky,
I know we can’t
Heck, we can try,
And feel the present feeling of the love’s power,

I want to have my galaxy mate,
Whatever consequences I have to take,

The sky is getting darker and cold,
And my time is getting old,
Who wants to be alone?
Answer to the answer’s malodorous,

We killed the loneliness only to find,
We can see when they told us we are blind,
Which perceptions can we?
Is that the right merit?
When we must die for it?

Do love conceives all?
How do we past it?
When my mate has built a wall,
And I’m wrong when everything’s turn right,

Who wants to be my galaxy mate?
I can show you the 7 planets,
Is the word sympathy means anything to you?
And empathy lies on the true meaning of it?

Here I am,
Resting on the peak of confusion,
Restless hearts,
My heart has stop pumping,
The golden light had just dimmed,

We missed the moment,
Are you being there all alone?
Wandering here in the entire planet?

I can’t face the rain of sorrow now,
She’s leaving the umbrella of hope,
She’s walking down the doorsteps of falsification,
Can’t stop her,
She’s going too fast,
Once I had a lover,
She was my bijou and I love her so,
She’d turned herself,
Into a leaf of memories,

Now she’s gone,
Walking through the memory lane,
Beside her are her painful memories,
Am I the one who should be blamed?

I am seeking my galaxy mate,
I know,
She’s wandering in the other side of the universe,
But I just can’t get past through it,

She’s making my hall of darkness,
Arises from the darkened days,
As now I can see the light just past,
Through the walls of silence,

As we sang the cosmic song,
She laid precious soul,
Leaving the garden of filth,
That once bothered us,

Does this feeling die soon?
When it’s been hiding behind the moon,
GO and tell the warriors,
Who once fought in the war of love?

Only to be killed by the violent loneliness,
We shall awarded those who died,
In the field of love,
For the have fought thoroughly,

To seek the true meaning of love,
When their partners of love,
Are always behind them,
I have my galaxy mate,
She was born to be my bijou,

She was raised to be my companion,
She was fed with life,
To be destined with me……..


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