By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to fellow bloggers and readers of this proclaimed blog!

I noticed that of late, there have been quite a number of university students taking part in rallies nor protest within the University compound or the streets. Now, there are differences between staging a rally in a university compound and organizing it at public areas.

Based on my limited knowledge in law, students will not be charged under the civil law should they organize nor take part in any gathering, be it legal nor illegal within the University compound. That, my fellow readers (if there is any, Jose!) is a fact. The worst case scenario is that the student will face the University disciplinary board and will be suspended for one semester or more. This is where the College and University Act 1971, takes place. However, things will be different if a student takes part in a rally or an illegal demonstration in a public place or at a designated area outside the university compound. They are subject to numerous types of charges under the civil law. 

And the unrelenting calls by these students if not all but some, to demand from the Government to amend the act under section 15B is something uncalled for.

The recent rumpus created by a student from my alma mater has clearly shown an act of pure immaturity coupled with hatred. In other words it reflects the content inside the brain of these so called University students!

There are a few examples of similar foolhardiness by these people, but I would rather not to list it down here as this will not only be exposing the level of incompetence among them but will exemplify the quality and the mentality level of our local university students!

Dear readers, assuming (I’m praying hard this will not happen, not until they themselves have reach the level of maturity in politics, maybe in 30-50 years time!) that the next Government will no longer be lead by the present ruling party for the upcoming election and that the people from the other side have successfully taken Putrajaya.

Can the university students at that time have full and complete trust that their voices and grouses be heard by the “new” ruling party? And how sure they are that the same privileges and treatment they have been enjoying all this while can still be enjoyed by them, when those people from the other side takes over the Government from the present ruling party?

Again, I wish not to list down all the things that had taken place earlier, but just for the sake of argument let us recalled the fate that had fallen on a former PAS member and former Selangor state exco member who had been expelled from the party for being too vocal and for criticizing the Selangor MB.

This is just an example that merely shown “full” democracy does not even exist in those camp, let alone the freedom of criticizing one party and another. The biggest sin for them is to allow anyone from the loose coalition criticizing the self proclaimed “prophet”, (if you know what I mean, Jose!).

Even among the BN component parties, there is a tendency of one party criticizing another (Yes, Jose..and it this matter has been raised in a blog-  but all of these can be resolved through the annual convention or meetings.

My point is that the College and University Act is still relevant, from the point that it help students to focus on their studies and yes, let the politicians do the bickering among themselves and do not involve students in ensuring their personal means are being justified.

Nevertheless, most of the squabble between the opposition and the ruling party in the august chamber i.e the Parliament can easily being diffused at the Parliament lobby or cafeteria.

The only thing remains is that the rhetoric coupled with the feeling of hatred brought by political parties remains the same among the students whilst our MP’s from both the opposition and the ruling party sitting together sipping their cup of coffee.

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