By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal


To fellow bloggers and the only loyal reader of this self proclaimed blog.

Tun Dr Mahathir had come up with the most farcical suggestion recently. He suggested that all Chinese newspapers should be translated to our national language, which is the Bahasa Ibunda.

According to the Grand Old Man, this is to avoid any misunderstanding and to promote better race relations. This is definitely not the best way to approach such ideas!

This writer can foresee the predicament for the ITNM (Institute Terjemahan Negara Malaysia) to such idea. First of all, there are only a number of Malays who can really understand the language. Secondly, do the Chinese really want to work as a translator at that institute and thirdly why would the Malays who can speak and understand Mandarin, want to work with ITNM as there are a lot of benefits to work with or for the Chinese due to their advantage for understanding Mandarin!

This writer has always believed that sending children (Jose, I’m referring to the Malays!) at a very young age perhaps as early as 6 to the Chinese kindergarten, is the most effective way to help them to master the language.

We have seen a large number of university graduates who are jobless due to their inability to master the world language i.e. English. Coming from this argument, the largest number of them comes from the Malay ethnical group with lesser number from the Chinese or the Indian group.

This is perhaps due to the fact, the latter groups have the ability to speak and write better in the language. Some may also have plans to either start up their own business or possibly, are given the chance to work with any of the big companies whose owners are from these two groups!

This writer begs to differ. He is not trying to become a racist or a chauvinist, but coming from the fact that these two groups (Chinese and Indians) have already controlled most of the economy in this country, it does make sense that more opportunities are lay out for them, compared to the Malays.

The Malays, in the quest of seeking knowledge, must have to understand and learn many languages. As the world is now becoming more advance and new technologies are being developed, they have to realise that these technologies are coming not only from the west but from the east as well.

For the writer’s personal opinion, the proposal of translating the Chinese newspaper is and another form of visual subsidy.

Why can’t we leave behind the comfort zone area and take some initiative to learn new languages?

Kita Kan Tersesat Pabila Malam Menjemput Bulan Semula Ke Sangkar Waktu – The Salam Connection.

* The word Ni Hau Ma means How Are You in Hokkien.


Zanie berkata…
No needlah. Just ask Utusan to write like those chinese newspapers, to report the truth, nothing but the truth.

Once you retain your intergrity, people will start buying your paper again. But if you remain to be the puppet to your UMNO master than you have to bear being labelled the most disgusting paper ever that can only be used as toilet paper!

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