Tunjukkan catatan dari Mei, 2009


Oleh - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Kesukaran adalah nanah,
Di dalam darah kehidupan yang mengalir kencang,
Ke jantung hidup yang berdegup dan terancang,
Mengikut rentak dan nafas yang dilepaskan,
Satu persatu,

Kita inilah,
Yang terlalai dan ternanar,
Dari mencari pencarian,
Dalam kesesatan ini,
Kita masih sempat singgah,
Di desa kekeliruan,

Apa yang menjadi satu rantaian khabar cerita,
Dan di sinilah ianya terputus terlerai,
Memisahkan satu pengkisahan dengan yang lain,


Open Universiti Malaysia
30 May 2009 (tarikh yang menggenapkan 6 tahun dalam zaman gelap)


By – Hesmel Faznee Faisal

Salam, to my fellow bloggers and bacalah readers.

The title for this writing may sounded a bit self esteem. However, the fact is that it is not that easy to write in such manner and more often than not it sometimes became more complicated if a writer has a self-censorship feeling towards his own writing.

He will always have a tendency to feel insecure towards his own work, thus will efficiently affect his writing skills. Not to forget the common writer's block (not blog, Jose!) syndrome, a common “disease” suffered by writers as well as the "my knowledge is not that wide, thus I won't be able to write good stuffs" syndrome.

For this writer, he's far than having those symptoms. Except on a certain juncture, he sometimes feels that there is nothing worth to write or to share with the reader or readers of this self proclaim blog!

Nevertheless, the most difficult part for him is to elucidate with his inner self whether to continue writing on the …


by - Hesmel Faznee Faisal

I've noticed that the last time I had posted a writing to my blog was in April 2009. My blog will probably be considered as outdated and it is rightly for a blogger to keep his blog active with one posting per week, at least .

It is not that I had ran out of ideas on things I want to say, but the work strain as well as other matters crawling unexpectedly within my 24-7 life domain, had managed to slow down my writing passion.

I will write again, if I have the ample time, but as for now I would say that this self esteem blog will remained domain until further notice.

To my only follower, fara_lf, I would like to apologised for not having the time to update my blog. For the rest of the inquisitive readers, who sometimes drops by at my blog during their web surfing, I thank you.

I will write again, God willing.