By - Hesmel Faznee Ahmad Faisal

An interesting event had happened yesterday. No…It has nothing to do with Pak Lah caught napping in a midst of an important meeting again! Yesterday, 5 April 2007 was a special event for all bloggers (Jose, Malaysia bloggers laa) because we (I do consider myself as an outsider blogger, compared to “giant” bloggers like RPK, Rocky Bru, Jeff Ooi and the like) had a meeting to decide on the establishment of a society of bloggers in Malaysia. I got the chance to meet Rocky Bru (Mamat ni mengingatkan penulis kepada Papa Rock – the younger version, mind you!), Dato’ Ruhanie (or Ron), Jeff Ooi (who was always on the move, busy taking pictures), Kak Nuraina (who was also on the move and energetic, greeting people or bloggers), Dato’ Rejal Arbee (nowadays he contributes a lot of his articles for the KMU blogsite), Sang Kelembai, Patrick “Niamah” Teoh, Pak “Sheih” Kickdafella (Jose, brader ni pun consider satu geng dengan penulis because we come from the same University!) and not to forget our very own RPK..

The highlight of the meeting was when we decided to have a society for bloggers. I don’t know what was the outcome of the meeting (Penulis kena balik awal, bukan Jose..bukan sebab ada bini!) But apparently we have decided that enough is enough! The government should stop branding us, bloggers as liars, and a group of unemployed (sebab ada sesetengah daripada bloggers terdiri daripada professional) women (sigh!)

Even the Government had suggested that bloggers should be registered before they can start having their own blog (or blogs). I wonder, if we have managed to setup our Blogger association, would it mean we must still register to become a blogger? Goblog! (Jose, tongue in a cheek joke!)

Previously, all prepaid users have to register their number and now its us, bloggers?

I would not want to disclose what happened during the meeting, as I assumed some of the “giant” bloggers might had write up all the interesting stories in their own blog.

All that I can say is that, now I am proud as I am being considered myself, from an outsider blogger into an insider blogger…

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Tanpa Nama berkata…

In Malaysia, all bloggers are bloggers. No inside or outside circles. Just bloggers circle. So, please feel free to write.

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Salam hormat and tq. - Ron
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Dear, Mr. Ron..

Thanks for spending your time reading my little blog.

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