Our National Service’s trainees can now get a chance to feel how it is like to become Rambo. They got to fire 30 shots each from an M-16 assault rifle. It proved to be an experience of a lifetime for 80 boys and girls attending the National Service training programme at the Sungai Besi army camp. This is the first time National Service participants are undergoing weapons training.

While some were initially jittery of the loud gunfire and the recoil from the rifle, all of them completed the task of firing 30 shots of 5.56mm rounds from a distance of 100m, over three sessions, like professionals under the watchful eyes of their individual instructors. It was all over in 12 minutes as the trainees completed the drill in batches of 10.

One thing, which I would like to point out, is the necessity of the said training. What is the purpose? Until now, the Government have not come out with any good reason whatsoever for the trainees to be equipped with the firearms training as part of their 3-month National Services’ training.

Some might think that I am acting a bit paranoid if I suggested that those trainees who have completed their training in handling firearms would surely be able to use it against the public or even on their own parents! (Jóse, budak-budak sekarang kan suka benar memberontak!)

I know it will not be happening in Malaysia, but try to look at the reports in our daily newspapers, especially on the crime section. We can see that criminals nowadays use firearms to rob others. I am sure the parents will begin to think; maybe one day their children will have the access to have their own firearms!

Does it make sense if one day, the trainees can own their own firearms? It is so easy for anybody to own a gun, nowadays. Just read the news below; taken from NST dated July 21st 2006.

KUALA LUMPUR: Four policemen, believed to be linked to several armed robberies in the Klang Valley, were arrested on Wednesday evening.The policemen were picked up after investigations revealed that their service revolvers were used in several armed robberies.Two of the suspects are from the Selangor police contingent, one is from Shah Alam and the other from the Cheras police narcotics division.

The suspects, aged between 20 and 40, are believed to be a lance corporal and constable, while the rank of the other two have yet to be ascertained. The four were arrested by a team from the Kuala Lumpur serious crimes division at about 6pm at an undisclosed location in Cheras on Wednesday. It is learnt that police made the breakthrough while investigating several armed robberies in the Klang Valley where shots were fired. It is learnt that the slugs and spent shells recovered from the crime scenes matched those from the guns of the four policemen

Even corrupted police officers now can misused their own guns and robbed other people. Do the Government provide low incentive, salary, and allowances to the police and give lot of burden and jobs to them or maybe it is because some of the police officers who have misuse their powers and authority?

Recently there were suggestions by the Penang local authorities, to turn Komtar (Jóse, dulu Komtar ni adalah bangunan tertinggi di Asia dan Malaysia) into a 5 star hotel, only after the Federal and the Penang State Government offices have evacuate the building. I really hope the 5-star hotel will become a reality, if only the local authorities can provide a good proposal for the hotel. Well, the Gerakan’s deputy and soon to be the next President knows what’s best for Penang, as he has been the Chief Minister for 16 years!

It looks like MCA will be joining UMNO on its mission to persuade youths to join politics. Belia MCA, the new wing to groom younger leaders and recruit members under the age of 35, will be set up by the end of this year. According to MCA deputy president Datuk Seri Chan Kong Choy, both men and women could join the wing. He added that the purpose of Belia MCA is to groom new blood in politics and at the same time, it will become a good platform for them to voice their opinions about politics.

I began to wonder the relevance for UMNO to have a Putera UMNO brigade. Until now, I am still waiting for them to make lots of “noise” like their older brother, Pemuda UMNO. No offence, but the reality is Pemuda UMNO does make lots of noise; an irritating and distressing noise.

With their rhetorical ideologies and such, I do not think they can be as par with Belia MCA. I wish to stress my point; I am not trying to make a racial statement but I strongly think Belia MCA and Putera UMNO have two different set of political struggle.

The latter is more like the cadres or the balacis of UMNO (Jóse, dia lebih kurang macam barua-barua dalam sesebuah parti ekslusif dan tugas mereka ialah untuk mengantung bendera, meramaikan lagi orang ketika menyambut Perdana Menteri pulang ke tanahair dan lain-lain lagi!).

I am sure the President of MCA; Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting has his own plans in the setting up of Belia MCA. That is to create a set of new young blood and potential MCA future leaders! What is the main purpose of the setting up of Putera UMNO besides turning them into the cadres and the balaci’s of UMNO?

Yet, the Government has decided to revise the University Act where students now can participate in any of the political activities. What a wonderful thing to do! After all, it is easier to influence the university students than a 21-year-old youth who hails from Kulim Kedah! I am sure most of the participants in any of a rally organized by opposition parties are Malay students! I pray and hope that the present Government can manage to nurture a set of intelligent, diligent, and obedient youths in the future. The present situation is worsening!

In other story, the UN has condemned the Israeli attacks on Lebanon. This is not the first time the “puppet” organization condemned an act of aggression. Why should the UN waste their precious time condemning a country that violates peace of another country? It is purely an act of fool when we know that the United States controls the UN! So it is up to the US to determine whether the UN has the right to condemn or not!

Just read the news excerpt, taken from the Reuters to get a clearer picture of the present situation.

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The United States has resisted international pressure to support U.N. calls to end or at least suspend the fighting in the Middle East to stop the casualties, send in aid and allow negotiations.

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan delivered a series of proposals to the U.N. Security Council on Thursday but the United States, which is key to any plan, rejected a cease-fire even before the U.N. leader met Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at a private dinner in New York.

The United States is staunchly backing Israel, which believes it can neutralize Lebanon's Hizbollah militia militarily. Hizbollah last week captured two Israeli soldiers, triggering an an intense military response by Israel, followed by Hizbollah missiles raining on northern Israel.

The Israelites are lucky because any actions by them will never resort to retaliations by the American government. It is because the illegal state of Israel is being taken care by them!

I wish to share some point of view on why Israel felt the threat by Lebanon. According to the US Library of Congress, the importance of Iran to Lebanon's foreign relations increased in the 1980s. Following the success of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, the regime of Ayatollah Khomeini was anxious to spread its message to other Shias. This message found an audience in Lebanon's chronically downtrodden Shia community.

Iran provided financial and inspirational support to several Lebanese Shia organizations in the early 1980s. Then, in 1982, as a show of solidarity against the Israeli invasion, a contingent of the Pasdaran arrived and established a base near Baalbek in the Biqa Valley. These units not only operated as a defense force but also set up medical facilities to serve the local populace.

In the late 1980s, Iranian-sponsored groups stepped up efforts to gain support among Lebanese Shias by providing sorely needed economic relief and social services. These groups (in particular Hizballah, which was reported to be receiving substantial financial aid from Iran) were able to use Iranian resources to run hospitals, pay families' school fees, remove refuse, and participate in housing reconstruction.

These actions frequently drew supporters away from Amal, which for the most part was allied to Syria; Amal simply was unable to distribute the same level of aid as was Hizballah. For Western nations, the most significant aspect of Iran's influence in Lebanon has been the acceptance of the Islamic Republic's "antiforeign" rhetoric. In accordance with this principle, some extremist Shias, many acting under the name of the Islamic Jihad Organization, have carried out violent acts against the foreign community.

So, can you see now the connection between Lebanon and Iran and the reason why Israel launched attacks to Lebanon? The Israelites felt, it is better to neutralize the ally of their enemy first than to attack their enemy directly!

I am hoping that OIC will make noise and condemn the attacks on Lebanon by Israel. However, as we all know the current Chairman of OIC is a person who only speaks a lot in his own country and do not have the guts to spill out his voice and say that the Israelis ruled the world by proxies!

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